Recent Before & After Photos

Clearwater Smoke and Soot Cleanup

Often SERVPRO can perform a pack-out of fire and smoke damaged items from a Clearwater house fire. The Before Photo illustrates the deposit of soot on this dres... READ MORE

Water Leak from an Appliance in Clearwater

The supply line to the ice maker in a fridge in a Clearwater home split and soaked the engineered wood flooring and plywood subfloor with water. Our SERVPRO tec... READ MORE

When Mold Attacks a Clearwater Crawlspace

The high humid summers in Florida often lead to mold infestations in poorly ventilated crawlspaces. The visible mold in the Before Photo in this Clearwater home... READ MORE

Emergency Services Water Damage in Clearwater

The standing water was not deep in this plus investment office in Clearwater. However, the disruption to business activities had to be minimized. SERVPRO soon s... READ MORE

Hurricanes and Storms Damage Clearwater Houses

Though hurricanes are not as common as folklore and dramatizing may indicate, the storm damage can be extensive. This kitchen's ceiling shows a storm-damaged ce... READ MORE

House Fire Cleanup and Restoration in Clearwater

The attic fire, started by an electrical short in the lighting, left the devastation pictured in the Before Photo. A major cleanup and demolition of all burned ... READ MORE

Clearwater Burst Pipe Water Clean Up

The split water feed line under the vanity soaked the engineered flooring and next room carpet with water ash shown in the Before Photo. Because our customer ca... READ MORE

Clearwater Mold Damage Removal and Repair

The black mold, visible on the walls of this demolished Clearwater kitchen, often occurs in a humid climate when the HVAC system is not set to sufficiently remo... READ MORE

Water Removal from a Clearwater Office

This service center in Clearwater suffered a ruptured plumbing break that resulted in the water pooling on the industrial-grade carpet in the Before Photo. Thou... READ MORE

Storm Damage Build Back in Clearwater Beach

The storm surge deposited groundwater that contained sea salt, chemicals, or much organic debris. This black water is treated as a biohazard during the water ex... READ MORE