Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Clearwater Crawlspace Flood Damage

When flash flooding rushes into a crawlspace in a large Clearwater property, several factors must be addressed. Well-trained technicians from SERVPRO can pump o... READ MORE

Storm Water Damage in Clearwater

This older home in the Clearwater area suffered from significant storm damage. The flat roof leaked, and the rainwater penetrated and soaked the ceiling sheetro... READ MORE

Flooded Rooms in Clearwater

Tropical storms can dump large volumes of water into homes in Clearwater and leave behind sand and sludge. The furniture and contents, along with the walls, wer... READ MORE

Townhouse Storm Damage in Clearwater

The stormwater surged into the first floor of this Clearwater townhouse and soaked the carpet, and wicked up several walls. The water, being contaminated, neces... READ MORE

Hurricanes and Storms Damage Clearwater Houses

Though hurricanes are not as common as folklore and dramatizing may indicate, the storm damage can be extensive. This kitchen's ceiling shows a storm-damaged ce... READ MORE

Storm Damage Build Back in Clearwater Beach

The storm surge deposited groundwater that contained sea salt, chemicals, or much organic debris. This black water is treated as a biohazard during the water ex... READ MORE