Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Grease Fire in Clearwater

The condo unit in this Clearwater hi-rise depicts in the Before Photo what can happen when a frying pan is left unattended on the gas range. Fortunately, our cu... READ MORE

Mold Demolition and Build Back in Clearwater

The water-fueled dormant mold spores in this Clearwater house caused the visible mold growth. Our AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians at SERVPRO have... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in a Bloomingdale Building

Businesses in the Bloomingdale area are aware of the necessity for good indoor air quality. SERVPRO can inspect the ventilation system for blockage or debris bu... READ MORE

Clearwater Mold Damage

This structure in Clearwater was vacant and uninspected for several months. The property owner contacted our SERVPRO office to restore this building to a safe a... READ MORE

Clearwater Home Needs Mold Remediation Assistance from SERVPRO

Florida is known worldwide for having Summers that are both hot and humid. These conditions can create the perfect environment for mold damage to occur, particu... READ MORE

Clearwater Mold Damage Removal and Repair

The black mold, visible on the walls of this demolished Clearwater kitchen, often occurs in a humid climate when the HVAC system is not set to sufficiently remo... READ MORE