Commercial Photo Gallery

air movers, corridor, lines of injectidry

Clearwater Water Mitigation

The hallway in this previously flooded health facility is being dried by SERVPRO's advanced drying equipment. The snub-nosed low-profile air movers circulate the moist air captured by the dehumidifier and drained into the trash can in this Photo. The injectidry system is blowing warm air between the wall studs where the trim has been removed to salvage the drywall.

water pooling on hallway, lights reflecting from the ceiling

Clearwater Office Under Water

The clean water covering the corridor in this Clearwater commercial building was quickly suctioned off the carpet by our SERVPRO team. Advanced equipment, knowledgeable techs make for fast and successful service. "Like it never even happened."

pooling water on a concrete pad of the warehouse

Clearwater Warehouse and Standing Water

The split pipe covered this Clearwater warehouse with water. Fortunately, it was not operational at the time of the flooding. SERVPRO vacuumed up the water and set up drying equipment restoring the storage area to its preloss condition within two days.

SERVPRO tech on wet towels on a carpet

Clearwater Beach Hall Gets Commercial Water Cleanup From SERVPRO

SERVPRO has numerous devices for water removal in Clearwater Beach commercial properties, however, sometimes the best equipment for the job is the technician. This technician is using his weight on the two rags to push water up and out of the carpet as part of the water restoration services. 

lgr dehu, air movers, drying gray carpeted hallway

Clearwater Water Removal

This corridor in a Clearwater office complex suffered water damage from a split pipe. SERVPRO responded quickly, vacuumed up most of the water, and then used our advanced equipment to complete the drying. Within hours the task completes, with only minor disruptions.

stripped floors, cubicle, lgr dehu and air movers

Clearwater Clean Water Flooding

The burst pipe flooded the office suite in this Clearwater building with a large volume of water. SERVPRO removed the baseboards and the flood-damaged glued-down carpeting and then started drying the premises. Our advanced drying equipment does the job and quickly.