Storm Damage Photo Gallery

ceiling tiles on ground, damaged ceiling visible

Clearwater Roof Damage from a Storm

The storm damaged the roof of this Clearwater conference center, and the water soaked into the ceiling tiles. These acoustic tiles are very porous and soak in the water. The weight caused them to fall from the suspended ceiling. Our SERVPRO crew must first remove the safety risk and dispose of the materials before proceeding with the storm damage restoration service.

Palm trees in a storm with caption of Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Hurricane Preparedness in Clearwater Beach

Preparing for a hurricane cane very stressful, pre-planning is necessary to protect your family and property. Proper advance planning can make a huge difference if things take a turn for the worse. We're in the middle of another active hurricane season, our SERVPRO team knows it is vital to help the community prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Click the link below view our 2021 Hurricane Guide.

opened wall cavity showing PVC plumbing

Clearwater Storm Demolition

The sewage backed up and deposited contaminated debris in this Clearwater rental unit. SERVPRO performed a controlled demolition to remove the tainted, non-salvageable materials. We can then apply a biocide before building back the area.

SERVPRO technician with manual fluid extractor

Clearwater Beach Flood Damage Cleanup

The photo of this Clearwater Beach home undergoing flood damage cleanup and restoration shows that a large amount of water wicked into the walls and the techs cut the ruined portion off. SERVPRO techs then used a manual liquid extractor to remove the water around the exposed framework.

crawlspace, ducts, plumbing line, and water on the ground

Tropical Storm Flooding in Clearwater

The attic crawlspace was flooded from groundwater after a torrential rainstorm in this Clearwater property. SERVPRO can place portable pumps and trash pumps to remove the pooling water. We can inspect to ensure that all the infrastructures are functioning (A/C, plumbing, and electric) and eventually, after drying, apply an antimicrobial agent to exterminate remaining hazards like microbes or mold spores.

green wall  removed sheetrock 1.5 feet for drying

Clearwater Flood Cuts

The contaminated floodwater has been removed, leaving behind a storm-damaged wall in this Clearwater home. The flood cuts were done by our SERVPRO crew to open the wall void for drying and spraying an antifungal agent. The removed sheetrock we can replace.