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Clearwater Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

5/24/2023 (Permalink)

Fire Flame Call SERVPRO today if you need help with professional fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO is Available for Fire Damage Cleanup

Proximity to the Gulf and Tampa Bay, Clearwater never has a shortage of areas to explore and enjoy. Whether you live, work in, or visit the region often, this place is rich in history and culture. Home or business owners know they can count on SERVPRO for restoration needs, including fire and smoke odor cleanup. All you need is to call us 24/7, and we can be there within hours to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Aside from SERVPRO for fire damage restoration in Clearwater, many outstanding businesses make the region what it is today. Some of the local restaurants and hotspots in the area include:

  • O’Keefe’s Tavern: If you are looking for a classic Irish pub with incredible beers on tap and standard fare like Shepherd’s Pie, then O’Keefe’s is the place to go. The atmosphere is lively, the staff is friendly, and there are always delectable food specials to choose from. Should you be in town in March, you will find they have St. Patrick’s festivities span several days. 
  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium: This aquarium is a beautiful way to learn about rehabilitation and rescues while experiencing the fantastic sea life living onsite. There are boat rides, guided tours, virtual reality experiences, and excellent shopping all within one location. Plan the day with the kids, and bring a camera to capture the memories.
  • Craft Beer Trail: If you love craft beers, the Craft Beer Trail features several well-loved establishments, including the Clearwater Brewing Company, Southern Lights Brewing, Big Storm Brewing, and Grindhaus Brew Lab. Planning a day to check out these watering holes will allow you to experience seasonal brews, triple IPAs, delicious porters, and refreshing pilsners.

Whether you experienced a fire in your Clearwater restaurant or have smoke damage to your apartment complex after a nearby blaze, SERVPRO of Clearwater South/Clearwater Beach is here to help. Call us at (727) 614-0099 or request support online for professional fire damage restoration services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, arriving within hours of your initial call to begin assessment and cleanup.

How Home Fire Damage Affects Kitchen Cabinets and Storage

4/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician packing items into boxes If your home in Clearwater sustains fire damage, SERVPRO is Here to Help. Contact us for content pack-out and fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO Fire Restoration for Clearwater Kitchens Cleans Fixtures and Cabinets

The kitchen is arguably the common source of fire damage in a given home in Clearwater. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) data, even minor ignitions that often go unreported can leave behind soot residues that can become acidic on exposure to moisture. This acidity can corrode metal components in appliances and HVAC systems and leave unpleasant odors and hard-to-remove stains.

SERVPRO fire damage cleanup crews restore Clearwater homes to a pre-damage state with a combination of cleanup and repair strategies. While some surfaces may necessitate replacement, SERVPRO focuses on restoring contents where possible according to homeowners’ wishes and their insurance policy.

The impact of kitchen fires on home contents

Kitchen fires, even small ones, can have a farther-reaching impact on kitchen surfaces than homeowners expect. Nearby food storage, for example, might be compromised by soot or high temperatures and may require disposal. Fire suppression with water or extinguishers can also render foodstuffs unsafe to consume. Kitchen tools and appliances, meanwhile, are often restorable with careful cleaning by restoration technicians.

Soot and smoke damage can also impact:

  • Kitchen counter finishes
  • Electrical outlets and wiring
  • Ventilation registers and ductwork
  • Backsplashes, paint, or wallpaper in the kitchen
  • Kitchen exhaust fans and hood ventilation and lights

Over time, soot, especially after exposure to water from sinks, steam, or other moisture sources, can corrode many of these surfaces and increase repair and replacement costs. Professional restorers, meanwhile, can minimize damages and stop further risk to structures and contents after a home fire.

SERVPRO’s fire damage mitigation strategies preserve kitchen cabinets, counters, and contents

Restoration techs from SERVPRO perform fast-acting fire cleanup strategies that mitigate soils from ceiling to floor and from the lightest damages to the heaviest. Suppose moisture or extinguisher residues are present from fire suppression. In that case, SERVPRO techs can clean and dry these before performing soot removal from surfaces and contents.

Food items like produce and canned goods may require disposal to keep homeowners safe. Fire soils, emissions from burnt materials, and high temperatures can compromise these items. Kitchen appliances and tools, meanwhile, are often salvageable after fire damage with careful sanitation and cleaning with EPA-registered antimicrobials.

  • Light soils are typically cleaned from kitchen surfaces with a gentle detergent solution of a dry cleaning sponge. Loose smoke particles can be cleaned from surfaces with HEPA-filter vacuums
  • Containment measures such as negative air pressure and duct or doorway sealing prevent soot from migrating to other areas of the property during restoration
  • Moderate fire soils may require stronger wet cleaning solutions or immersion cleaning. Delicate items such as chandeliers or porcelain can be restored with ultrasonic cleaners, which use a combination of OSHA-approved antimicrobials and ultrasonic frequencies to vibrate particles off affected surfaces
  • Heavy fire damage, such as charring on cabinets, can be remediated with abrasion blasting to prepare the surface for refinishing. Blast media is sprayed at the surface until char is removed. Some materials used for this purpose, like soda ash, also have deodorizing properties. 
  • Cabinet interiors are often affected by soot and can be challenging to fully clean if the interior is unfinished, as is often the case. Technicians can often remediate residues with dry cleaning sponges

Professionals can also clean kitchen appliances and inspect kitchen stove hoods and HVAC systems for signs of soot, debris, or microbes that compromise efficacy.

SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach can be reached at (727) 614-0099. Their solutions allow homeowners to enjoy a property that looks and feels “Like it never even happened.”

Work With Qualified Technicians During Fire Damage Restoration in Clearwater

2/9/2023 (Permalink)

smoke and soot on wall and ceiling Our team trains on the various kinds of fires and how they affect materials and buildings.

SERVPRO Has Necessary Skills to Restore Your Fire Damaged Property in Clearwater

Property owners go through stressful and traumatic moments when they experience fire damage incidents. It is not easy to watch the fire consume personal belongings with which you have developed a connection. Restoration technicians undergo specialized training and can help you determine what is salvageable and what is not.

Our SERVPRO technicians can clean the salvageable materials during fire damage restoration in Clearwater. If necessary, we can recommend pack-out services, which involve taking restorable items to a safe location as the mitigation happens. We can do that since we are trained by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and are qualified Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT).

During the training, we acquire the following skills:

  • Fire Science: We undergo training on the various kinds of fires and how they affect materials and buildings.
  • Odor Control: We have the skills to neutralize odors after a fire
  • Water Damage: We understand the kind of damage that the water used to extinguish the fire can cause
  • Smoke Damage: We understand the damage the various types of smoke can cause.
  • Insurance procedures: We understand that various insurance companies have different guidelines to follow during the restoration.
  • Restoration and Cleaning procedures: We can clean and restore different materials and surfaces after exposure to smoke and fire.

Safety is paramount during restoration, so our technicians wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). For instance, we wear chemical-resistant gloves to protect our hands from chemicals and soot. We also wear face shields, protective eyewear, respirators, coveralls, footwear, and head protection.

Our team of experts at SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach is motivated to offer you the help you need when you experience a fire damage incident. Call us at (727) 614-0099 and allow us to restore your property as you move forward with life after the incident.

The Obstacles of Fire Damage Restoration in Clearwater Beach

8/16/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach to help with fire restoration to your property.

What Factors Influence Fire Damage Cleanup?

After a fire, SERVPRO professionals work fast to mitigate loss and protect your home and its contents. While our response to these sites is rapid, obstacles can sometimes hinder this efficient result. 

The Temperature of the Soiled Surfaces

The heat is an essential component of the salvageability of affected materials during fire damage restoration in Clearwater Beach properties. Warmer conditions allow chemical processes to occur at a faster rate, including the movement of molecules. Cooler surface temperatures can slow the ability of cleaning products to break down soot soils and smoke damage for removal. 

Moisture and Water Damages

Water and moisture present unique and direct obstacles to restoration and cleanup. Wet materials are often more likely to stain, are often more impacted by smoke odors, and can have an additional cause for structural deterioration. Responding fire restorers must be mindful of:

  • Standing water
  • Trapped water in cavities
  • Saturated flooring materials
  • Moist surfaces

Obstacles of the Structure

Areas closed to cleaning and restoration processes by artificial barriers like destroyed structures, or heaped bulk materials can slow the restoration process. Unabated access is essential to introduce the cleaning agents necessary to prevent further destruction of the building materials.

Comparing the Replacement and Restoration Costs

SERVPRO professionals and property owners must choose what is salvageable with the expected replacement costs versus the estimated restoration charges. After a fire, the condition of building materials and contents often makes replacement and demolition a suitable solution against the lengthy and less cost-efficient surface cleanup and refinishing.

Restoring homes after fire damages is not always straightforward. There are often several obstacles keeping this cleanup and recovery from happening quickly. Our SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach team can help overcome these hurdles and get life back to normal as soon as possible. Give us a call today at (727) 614-0099.

Factors That Set Fire Restoration Timelines for Clearwater Homes

7/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team on job-site Fire restoration for Clearwater homes need the help of SERVPRO. Our technicians have the training and experience for every size disaster.

SERVPRO Expedites Fire Damage Repairs in Clearwater

It is disappointing when your Clearwater home is gutted by fire, especially if you believe you could have addressed the cause before the damage occurred. It gets worse if fire restoration takes longer than you have anticipated. One unique advantage of seeking professional assistance is getting accurate information on the expected restoration timelines.

When you know what to expect during the fire restoration of your Clearwater home, you can make alternative plans or at least adjust your outlook on the loss, especially considering that some of the tasks you may regard as minor are likely to consume significant time. Our SERVPRO crew chiefs can evaluate your property and inform you of the expected issues.

Factors influencing fire restoration timelines

  • The teardown needed
  • Level of moisture present
  • Smoke odors

Fire damage ranges from partial to complete deterioration of materials. Partial deterioration is common in structural areas like the ceiling, walls, and fixtures like cabinets. Unlike contents that are easily lifted and relocated from the property, structural materials necessitate demolition, which takes time.

Reasons for Demolition

Teardown during fire restoration removes wall and ceiling panels, electrical systems, and insulation. These materials are removed for various reasons. The boards may be heavily soiled or charred. Electrical systems such as wires are compromised by the heat which melts their insulating covers. Wall and ceiling insulation accumulates soot residues or loses its insulating properties. Our SERVPRO technicians have sufficient equipment, including circular saws for cutting and heavy-duty vacuums for removing insulation that helps expedite the demolition.

Moisture and odors are part of fire damage. Although they are less prominent than the rest of the issues, they can be tedious to address. For instance, getting rid of moisture absorbed by materials requires time-consuming evaporation. Our SERVPRO crews set up several air movers and dehumidifier units to expedite drying.

Sources of moisture during fire damage

  • Firefighting processes
  • Cleaning actions
  • Damage appliances or pipes

SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach considers the time required to complete fire restoration critically, thus expediting the process. You can reach us at (727) 614-0099. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Helps with Fire Damage Restoration in Clearwater Beach

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

Flames Explore your options with SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach.

Replace or Restore After Fire Damages Your Clearwater Beach Home – Call SERVPRO

Fire damage restoration in Clearwater Beach involves replacing damaged contents and structure and restoring much of the contents. Many homeowners assume that they must replace everything; however, it is often less costly and takes less time to restore and repair damaged contents than it does to replace them.

SERVPRO works closely with the homeowner and their insurance company regarding fire damage restoration decisions in their Clearwater Beach home. 

Many fires are localized in kitchens. Fire damage is often contained to the kitchen. We find smoke residues distributed throughout the home. We use controlled demolition techniques to minimize structure replacement in the kitchen and damage to other home areas. Many nonporous items can be cleaned, sanitized, and held in a staging area until the home is fully restored.

The fire damage is usually contained in the immediate area of the fire. We fine smoke residues and odors distributed throughout the home. We inspect the house for the type of residue and apply the appropriate cleaners to clean all surfaces and contents in the home. Grease fires produce oily residues and smear when rubbed unless you use the proper cleaning agent. Hotter fires have light, fluffy residues, which can be easily removed by sweeping or vacuuming.

SERVPRO fire specialists prepare and review all recommendations for restoring your home with the homeowner and the insurance company. We explain which items we can restore, repair, or need to be replaced and take the appropriate action agreed to by the homeowner and their insurance adjuster.

Services provided by SERVPRO include:

  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • House fire clean up
  • Smoke damage removal and cleanup

Call the fire damage restoration specialists from SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach and nearby areas for assistance. We can help 24/7. Call (727) 614-0099.

Can SERVPRO Help Clearwater Homes After Fire Damage?

2/16/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot on wall of fire damaged room Smoke and soot affect everything they touch. SERVPRO has the tools and techniques to restore your home.

How Do SERVPRO Techs Clean Hardwood Furniture After Fire Damage in Clearwater Homes? 

The smoke and soot after a fire damage incident in your Clearwater home can have a considerable impact on the contents, including hardwood furniture. The type of finish on the furniture and the extent of the damage affects the success of SERVPRO's restoration effort.

SERVPRO techs use dry and wet cleaning methods to remove residue from hardwood furniture after fire damage to your Clearwater property. If the wood surface is unfinished, smoke and residue particles can easily penetrate the pores making it difficult to clean. SERVPRO techs use dry cleaning with the help of sponges and scrubbers to clean unfinished hardwood furniture.

The Extent of Smoke Damage Determines SERVPRO's Success in Restoring Hardwood Furniture in Clearwater

Although SERVPRO techs make efforts to clean the smoke and soot residue from hardwood furniture from your Clearwater home, certain situations make it impossible to restore the items.

  • Blistering: Depending on how close the surface of hardwood furniture was to the heat line, it can show blistering or scorching. In such situations, the smoke can penetrate the finish and cause permanent discoloration that is not restorable.
  • Staining: While SERVPRO techs can quickly remove dry smoke and soot particles, the situation gets tricky if the smoke residue is wet and sticky. Residue from a protein fire can cause smoke damage that permanently stains the hardwood furniture, making it unfit for restoration.

What Type of Cleaning Agents are Used on Hardwood Furniture?

For cleaning mild residues from hardwood surfaces, SERVPRO techs use gentle alkaline detergent solutions and clean in the direction of the wood grain. Once the cleaning is done, the techs apply oil-based furniture polish to replenish the wood's natural oils.

Call SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach at (727) 614-0099 for fast and efficient service. 

SERVPRO is a Trusted Name in Clearwater for Fire Restoration

12/31/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged hallway with soot covering the burned walls When you are facing fire damage, time is of the essence. Contact our certified SERVPRO team for fire restoration expertise and the equipment to help.

SERVPRO Brings a Premier Fire Restoration Service to Clearwater Homes

A fire incident can devastate your home leaving smoke and soot residue on every exposed surface. Removing such residues is a primary goal during the fire restoration of your Clearwater home, as they can irreparably damage the structure and contents.   

SERVPRO techs must capture these residues during fire restoration of your Clearwater home before they can be removed. Technicians use air and fluids to release and carry the soils away by suspending the particles. The type of smoke residue and the type of surface determine the method used to capture them. 

How do SERVPRO techs remove residues during house fire cleanup in Clearwater? 

Vacuuming the residue and dissolving in an appropriate solvent are the two ways to capture residues and carry them off to dispose of them. 

  • Vacuuming: If the smoke and soot particles are dry and loosely attached to the surface, SERVPRO experts use vacuuming to capture them. As wet smoke particles can adhere to the surfaces strongly, this method is not suitable for removing wet residues. 
  • Dissolving: If the residues are not loose particles, they need to be dissolved before being removed. The technicians use several solvent-based cleaning products to loosen the bond between the residues and the surfaces. 

What kind of solvents are used in professional cleaning products?

Techs use both water-based and solvent-based cleaning products depending on the type of residues. The nature and properties of the surface also plays a crucial role in the choice of the cleaning product. Solvents can easily damage surfaces such as paints and varnishes, and hence water-based cleaning products are used on them. 

If you need assistance with fire damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach at (727) 614-0099.

How Can Fire Extinguishers Assist in Lessening Fire Restoration Need in Clearwater Properties?

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher If your home is damaged in a house fire, SERVPRO is here to help. Contact us for any fire restoration needs.

SERVPRO Technicians Bring Years of Training and Experience for Every Clearwater House Fire Cleanup

Increasing the odds against fire damage involves upping the fire safety around your Clearwater property. One of the basics for prevention is an accessible fire extinguisher in several rooms within the structure. Having the power to stop a fire before it spreads can help limit the amount of fire cleanup needed in a home.

SERVPRO handles fire restoration in the Clearwater area and sees the homes in the aftermath of both large and small house fires. The most important part of owning a fire extinguisher is learning when to use it and how to operate it correctly. SERVPRO techs recommend only using this tool if it is safe to do so and there is access to fresh air and no issues with toxic smoke. Other considerations include:

  • Make sure all residents of the house (including pets are out) and someone has called 911
  • Create a fire plan and practice it monthly, including instructing all family members how to operate the fire extinguisher
  • If the fire is big, do not attempt to tackle it alone; leave the premises and let first responders handle it

SERVPRO recommends checking the smoke detectors in the home monthly. Operating a fire extinguisher is simple and remember the P.A.S.S. method, which is to pull the pin, aim the extinguisher at the base of the fire, squeeze on the trigger and continue to sweep from side to side until the flames are eliminated. 

Even a small fire can leave pungent odors and smoke damage. SERVPRO technicians can remove both the smells and visible traces of the fire in homes quickly and efficiently. 

SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach at (727) 614-0099 supports the local Clearwater community for any size and type of fire restoration services. 

What is The Best Way to Handle Fabrics after Fire Damage in Clearwater Properties?

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged living room with debris on the floor and broken cabinets Fire damage can affect both the contents and structure of your home. Contact Team SERVPRO for effective remediation services. We are standing by 24/7.

The Assistance from SERVPRO Helps Minimize All Fire Restoration Challenges

Fire affects fabrics in different ways, just like the other materials in your Clearwater Beach home. Fabrics differ in many ways, so it is possible to misunderstand some of the problems they exhibit or use the wrong approaches, thus worsening the damage. 

One advantage of seeking professional help when dealing with fire damage in your Clearwater Beach home is the expertise the restoration teams present. Apart from using the best restoration equipment and methods, the professionals can also help provide information that would be extremely difficult to get on your own. For instance, SERVPRO technicians can help identify the distinctive types of fabrics in the house or tell how the physical difference in diverse materials affects the restoration.

Fire restoration differs and may be classified as:

  • Smoke remediation
  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • House fire cleanup

Since each class of restoration work may present a unique set of challenges, SERVPRO teams start by gathering information about the loss site. For instance, we may start by establishing the type of fabrics affected during the fire incident.

Typical categorization may have broad groups like:

  • Textiles
  • Draperies
  • Upholstery

Our SERVPRO technicians can also identify the weave type of the affected materials and whether they are natural or synthetic fibers.

Taking the right steps when handling the restoration also helps. For instance, we perform pretests on different fabrics before cleaning to limit the chances of dyes bleeding or shrinkage. If we identify a heavily soiled yet sensitive material, our technicians can use less mild cleaning methods, even if it involves repeating the cleaning process. Repeat cleaning requires cleaning the material, letting it dry, and then cleaning it afresh. 

The expertise SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach offers can help you overcome the effects of fire damage, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (727) 614-0099. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Does Fire Damage Lead to Indoor Air Quality Issues for Clearwater Residents?

8/15/2021 (Permalink)

the roof of a house on fire with smoke billowing from the openings Kitchen fires can cause many issues. One call to SERVPRO can certainly put your home on the path to recovery from fire damage. Call our team 24/7.

A Professional Fire Damage Technician Can Remedy Indoor Air-quality Issues. SERVPRO Has Technicians in the Clearwater Area

Property fires can range from small, well-contained kitchen fires to severe housefires that affect multiple rooms within the property. Conducting fire restoration by yourself can be inconvenient and expensive when it comes to procuring equipment or chemicals for one-time usage. SERVPRO is a qualified service that is here to help you with:

  • Smoke damage 
  • Fire restoration
  • House fire cleanup

Enacting fire damage restoration for your Clearwater home can help provide peace of mind by ensuring your home returns to a safe, habitable space. Sometimes it may be necessary to bring field testers to the property to assess the condition of indoor air quality and detect potentially harmful particulates like carbon, ash, and soot. Industrial hygienists can help to determine chemical or biological particles in the home after a fire that could be noxious. Our technicians are qualified to restore your home following certification from the National Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certifications body. 

  • Correctly disposing of non-salvageable materials helps to speed up the restoration process and protect the environment. 
  • Technicians can use Direct Expansion (DX) Units to control the indoor atmosphere of your property and remove particulates or aerosols
  • Chemical action can break down organic or chemical compounds that may be causing damage to walls, ceilings, and surfaces following a fire. 

To bring your home back to its normal condition after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach for fire damage assistance at (727) 614-0099.

Keeping Your Home Livable During Clearwater Fire Damage Cleanup

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

smoke and soot on wall and ceiling Smoke and soot are by-products of fires. SERVPRO is trained to restore any fire damage your home incurs.

Fire damage in Clearwater Does Not Always Force a Move-Out

SERVPRO can complete most of our House Fire Clean Up projects without anyone moving out of the home. One of the first actions we take when responding to house fire damages is to ensure that your home stays livable if possible.

Clearwater fire damage often affects only one room in the house at a time. Under these circumstances, we work fast to seal off the area from the rest of the building in a process known as containment and stop the damage from spreading. Containment helps reduce restoration costs and ensures that other parts of the home remain functional while SERVPRO technicians work. Containment may happen for:

  • Fire and smoke damage in a garage
  • Water & Fire Damage Restorations in a bathroom or closet
  • Many kitchen fires

Other fires may affect most or all of the rooms in a house. Under these circumstances, some homeowners may have to move out temporarily. Still, whenever possible, we focus our immediate cleaning efforts on the essential parts of the home so that you do not need to leave. Within a few hours, SERVPRO technicians may return bedrooms and a bathroom to normal conditions. Procedures done at this step include deodorization and chemical removal of fire residues from surfaces, fabrics, and upholstery.

SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach stays ready 24/7 to respond to calls for help with fire damage. Contact us at (727) 614-0099.

What Happens to the Belongings of Clearwater Residents During Fire Damage Restoration?

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering everything Whether the fire at your home was small or large, team SERVPRO can help. Call us right after the firefighters leave. We are standing by 24/7.

SERVPRO Can Safely Store the Contents of your Clearwater Home When Restoring Fire Damage

Sometimes property fires can be so severe that it is necessary to remove your belongings from the property temporarily. These situations can seem complicated. However, SERVPRO has a tried and tested formula for contents removal in residential properties. Usually, the task is handled by production technicians under the supervision of a crew chief.

Contents removal may be necessary for:

  • Fire damage restoration 
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Fire damaged homes

The process of storing contents during fire damage restoration in Clearwater may seem like a huge undertaking. With careful preparation and communication, we can create a move-out team that can clear the property without impacting the overall time frame of repair significantly.

  • Clearing a workspace is essential when carrying out structural repairs, so these areas are likely to be moved out first.
  • Precise coordination of non-salvageable and salvageable items is vital. Non-salvageable items can be discarded.
  • By setting up packing and inventory stations, we can increase a property move-out's accuracy and efficiency. 

A professional crew is required to conduct an efficient move-out procedure. Contact SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach at (727) 614-0099.

What is the Best Way to Address Fire Damage?

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Fire restoration is no easy task. Call SERVPRO and let their trained technicians handle the mess for you.

Your Clearwater property has the best chance of full restoration after calling in skilled SERVPRO for fire damage cleanup!

Located in Pinellas County, the city of Clearwater is situated in the northwest area of St. Petersburg and Tampa. As part of the Tampa Bay Area, you have easy access to Tampa Bay as well as the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. 

Years ago, Clearwater was the original home of the Tocobaga people. In 1835, the U.S. Army began construction on Fort Harrison, which acted as an outpost throughout the Seminole Wars. The fort looked out over a bluff on Clearwater Harbor. Later in 1962, this site was excavated by archaeologists from the University of South Florida after a resident found an underground ammunition bunker while planting a tree on his property.

There are several famous points of interest within Clearwater, including:

  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium – This is home to the pair of bottlenose dolphins known as Winter and Hope. These famous resident animals at the aquarium are the stars of the Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2 movies.
  • Church of Scientology – This is the hub for the movement, which has given Clearwater, Florida, the title of “Worldwide Spiritual Headquarters.”
  • Cleveland Street – This is one of the more historic avenues within the city, including popular attractions like Coachman Park and Spectrum Field. 

Enjoying Various Attractions in the Area

There are many reasons why so many people flock to the Clearwater area for a vacation or put down roots. You will find a vast assortment of entertainment, local attractions, and natural settings to explore. Some of the top attractions in the area include:

  • The Tropics Boat Tours
  • Clearwater Beach
  • Spectrum Field
  • Clearwater Ferry
  • Pier 60
  • Sand Key Park

Of course, you would be missing out if you didn’t plan a bit of a crawl to check out a few of the local eateries and bars in the Clearwater area. You will not only find wineries and breweries, but several cafes, popular restaurants, and great places for grab-and-go meals. Some of the popular stops in the area for a bite to eat or something refreshing to drink includes:

  • Poke Havana for Hawaiian and Cuban fare
  • The Salty Crab Bar & Grill North Beach for fresh seafood, pizza, and pasta
  • Marina Cantina for unique dishes like snapper ceviche and octopus
  • Rumba Island Bar & Grill for plates with a Caribbean vibe and a full list of craft cocktails
  • Another Broken Egg Café for incredible morning breakfasts or great sandwiches for lunch

Clearwater Residents Benefit Most from Professional Fire Damage Cleanup, So Let SERVPRO Handle Everything for You!

Fire devastates your Clearwater home; whether a big or small blaze, how you react sets up your ability to achieve the best results. SERVPRO features IICRC-certified technicians and proven methods to get the job done.

When you call us to help with fire damage in Clearwater, there are some essential Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do turn off utilities. This includes your gas, electricity, water, and other utilities until we inspect and determine damage.
  • Don’t use your HVAC system or electronics. Turning on the air moves odorous particles throughout the house. Using electronics can cause further damage.
  • Don’t clean clothing, furniture, or walls. Our technicians evaluate surfaces to determine the best restoration methods.

Call SERVPRO of Clearwater South/Clearwater Beach at (727) 614-0099 when you need immediate fire damage assistance.